Lower rear sidewall

This build was inspired by the plans of Clement from flightdeck737. You can find his article at https://www.flightdeck737.be/hardware/platform/window-liners/side-aft-lower-window-liners-capt-en-fo/

The rear sidewall was made from 3mm HDF board, a sheet of 50mm foam board and 10mm MDF. To cover and harden the foam I used I used Acrylic One. I used it during my last sidewall construction steps and was very satisfied with the results. Luckily Active Composite Technologies was willing to sponsor this video so I could show you all the products in detail.

It’s a two component material consisting of a mineral powder and a water based acrylic resin. It is environmentally friendly, non toxic and all your tools can be cleaned just with water. You can work with the material up to twenty minutes and after an hour you can already start to sand it.

To make a basic mixture you need two parts of the Acrylic One powder and one part of the Liquid. This mixture can be applied with a brush, a roller or even sprayed. You can add a little amount of thixotropes to make it more like gel or a light filler. If you need an even stronger filler you can add the ATP powder instead. This results in a very sticky material with a shortened open-time. You can increase this time by adding a little bit of retarder or even shorten it with an accelerator. You can make your buildings stronger by laminating the triaxial fibre or a veil into it.

For further information plese visit their website at http://www.activecomposite.com/

You can download most of the templates I used as a pdf-file. They are already full sized.

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14 Responses to Lower rear sidewall

  1. J.W. Severijnen says:

    If I want to use A1, I can buy the components in different quantities. Question is how much do I need? Can you give me an estimate how much you used for your windows?

    • J.W. Severijnen says:

      sorry, first post was accepted after all.

    • Mickey says:

      This is really hard to say. I think one of these test packages with 1kg of powder is not enough. I think you should go für a 7,5 kg package and a box of ATP powder. I have used mine for filing all the sidewalls and the ceiling too. Just if you want to build this too.

  2. J.W. Severijnen says:

    When I want to use A1 I can buy the components in different quantities. But I have no clue how much is needed. Can you give me an estimate of how much you used for your windows in total?

    • Mickey says:

      They aren’t writing anything about the weight. I don’t know the thickness of my material. But I think mine is not as transparent as the one on the picture.

  3. Jan Willem says:


    Can you elaborate on the foam and glass cloth?

    What kind of foam do you use? Is the cloth (veil) also from A1? If not, where did you buy it and what’s it called exactly?

    Saw you applying the plaster in corners using something that looked like a knife. What is this kind of tool? It seems very handy to make the corner rounded.

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