Painting the sidewall

Finally the sidewall is ready for painting. I used a matt black, RAL 9002 an RAL 7011. This was the first time I sprayed color and I recommend you to do the same. The surface is really great. If you aren't able to spray then use a brush and clean the surface with a roller. You should apply to coats and sand the first coat.

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  1. Christian Liedl says:

    Hallo Michael,
    tolles Cockpit – ich beneide dich um deine Fertigkeiten ūüôā
    Welche Körnung verwendet man am besten zum Schleifen vor dem Anstrich?


  2. Josef Zammit says:

    Hi Mike,

    Wanted to ask you about the paint, are you using solvent base or water base paint. Are you diluting the paint to be able to spray it with the air brush or just as it is?
    I am asking this since paint sometimes can be a bit thick to pass through the nozzle of the air brush.


    • Mickey says:

      I’m always using water based paint, because I don’t want to need other solvents to clean my tools. When you use the paint with a brush or a roller, you can use it as it is. When you spray it, you need to thin it with water. How thin it has to be depends on the size of the nozzle you are using.

      • Josef Zammit says:

        Thats copied Mike I will check exactly then, I thought only solvent paints you have to thin.

        Thanks again

  3. Josef says:

    Hi Michael. Well done for your project!! And also for the tools! By any chance do you have the .skp file for the side walls

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