MIP Knee Panels

MIP Knee Panels - A Boeing 737-800 Homecockpit #81

The knee panels were a part of the cockpit that included a little bit of woodworking again. The three screws that hold each section in place make a really sturdy connection. One disadvantage is, that you have to remove all the panel sections first before you can remove the knee panel. Maybe you can change this when you hold the upper wooden cover in place with magnets instead of gluing it.

Used materials:

  • 3 mm transparent and white acrylic
  • 3 mm HDF board for backlighting and dummy panel
  • 3 big ON - OFF switches
  • 3 black switch caps
  • 1 black push button
  • 6 potentiometers
  • 4 12V dimmers
  • 6 small rotary knobs
  • 2 Boeing Type 1 knobs
  • 12 15 mm male hex stand offs
  • 1 yellow annunciator
  • LED stripes for backlighting
  • 10 mm multiplex

In the download file you will find all the needed files to cut out and engrave your own panel as well as the 3D files to print.

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7 Responses to MIP Knee Panels

  1. Drake Meyer says:

    Hey Mickey just wanted to know if you could link the backlighting strips you use

  2. Mark Fritz says:

    Hi Mickey-
    Nice to see this latest post

    1) As above, MIP Knee Panels download file isn’t loading (file size= 0.00 KB?)

    2) You connected the rotary Potentiometers to a Dimmer PCB- is there a particular PCB module you recommend? Did each PCB Dimmer Module control more than one potentiometer? (ie, how many dimmer modules are needed for the 6 POTs? – Part list doesn’t mention this)

    Keep up the great work!!!

  3. Sean T says:

    same issue cannot download.

  4. Petr Čeněk says:

    Dear Mickey,
    FYI Knee Panels file is missing.. Web browser says:
    404: Sorry, file not found. Please contact Support for assistance.
    Could you please check it?

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