Building the Solidis CNC Y-Axis

Nearly five years ago I've bought construction plans for building a CNC router called "Solidis". And finally I thought the time was ready to start the build. I'm planning to cut and engrave the panels with it as well as other parts that would be difficult to cut by hand.

I can not give you detailed plans of the build because they are the property of the designer of this machine. But you can buy the plans online on and with my videos it shouldn't be too difficult for you to build it.

All parts are made from birch plywood wich you will mostly need in a thickness of 18mm and 12mm. A full list of all the other components is written down in the plans.

The original machine has a working area of 30 x 30 cm. I have extended the Y-axis of the machine to a working area of 30 x 50 cm. When you extend the area of a machine like this where the working tabl eis moving instead of the portal, every cm of length extension in the Y-direction results in 2 cm of total extension. So I had to build the machine 40 cm longer. This included the wooden materials as well as the linear guides and the ball screw.

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3 Responses to Building the Solidis CNC Y-Axis

  1. Kirk says:

    Looks like fun. But I am wondering what the cost is on all of the mechanical parts.
    If the total cost of this DIY machine is more than about 350.00 USD, then perhaps it’s better to buy a SainSmart Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer since I do not need a bed any larger than that for my X plane instrument builds.

    • Mickey says:

      I don’t think, you can compare these two machines. I have routet 10mm aluminum on this machine with a cutting depth per path of 5mm. Good luck when you try this on the SainSmart. It is right, that you have to look to the biggest panel you have to build. During my planning process I had the MCP in mind which has to be cut in one piece. And I still think it is too small when I think about the panels of the MIP. I will see…

    • DEE ADAM says:

      Kirk hi, reading your comment I too am tempted, following Mickey’s success with his home made(from plans) CNC, to purchase my own machine and have read up on the very machine you mentioned. Cost is defo an option, I have an Open Cockpits MCP, I’m only looking to make and enjoy facsimilies of these other panels as close to originals as sensible costs allow. This CNC router you mentioned seems to fulfill this need. Wonder if anyone reading has this machine or Mickey can provide his opinion? I appreciate he’s running a business too and able to manufacture most everything in his basement/garage/workshop. I wont be making a huge sim, just want to make enough panels to be happy in the small space I have available.

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