Main Instrument Panel – The Base

To get a better imagination of the whole cockpit dimensions my next step was to build the main instrument panel. This thing is huge but easy to build. I even discovered a simple trick which helped me to assamble the construction just by myself. All parts were cut from 12 mm MDF. I didn't make any cutouts for instruments or monitors yet. I'm looking forward to attach a full scale print-out of the MIP first to make the planning easier.

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  1. Mario says:

    Hi Mickey. What can I open the MIP Sketchup 2017 with?

    • Mickey says:

      Of course Sketchup. I think they switched to a web based version now. So you can just go to their website start the application and open the files with it. Or download an older version like the 2017 as I did.

  2. Sipke Wagenaar says:

    Dear Mickey,

    Can you give the exact measures of the bottum of the MIP?

    • Mickey says:

      There are all measurements in the pictures and the sketchup file. A depth of 580mm and because I used 12mm MDF the width is 1520 + (2 x 12) = 1544mm.

      • Sipke Wagenaar says:

        Thanks for the quick reply. I think it’s smaller. The maximum with is 580 mm. The bottum should be smaller (580mm minus 80 mm minus ??).
        But maybe isn’t the width not important. I wil make the bottum 1520 (length) x 490 (width) mm. Your Sketch files are wonderful, useful and give a good sight. Best regards, Sipke

  3. Louis Warnell says:

    Good evening Mike, where can I find the print out of the MIP panels that you used…Thanks

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