The CDU bay was made from 12 mm MDF. I used this instead of the 10 mm sheet I had to give an additional support to the main instrument panel. With the bay under it's center it feels very sturdy. After all the measurements are made to ensure that the parts will fit unter the MIP, the construction is very simple. Only some more pieces of wood were needed to connect the two siede parts to a box.

The front was covered with 3 mm HDF. Screwes were used to give the possibility to remove the front plate to make it easier to install the CDUs or the lower eicas later.

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  1. Jerry McCarroll says:

    Hi Mickey
    I love your videos, they are very helpful. I was unable to find a download for Tcad. Every site I visited said currently unavailable. I used a program called PCB Creator to design a double-sided pcb for a B737 FMC and the program saved it as a .bac file. I have built a CNC router, the MPCNC from V1Enginnering here in the US. I haven’t been able to find a way to convert the file into a usable format for the CNC, ex. .dxf, .svg. for Estlcam. I was wondering if you have a link to Tcad? I would love to become a member but I’m retired and on social security, my wife lost her job of 22 years because of Covid, and I just can’t afford the 45 Euros right now, maybe in the future.

  2. Trainspotter007 says:

    I first discoverd your side because of your Youtube channel. Its very interesting to watch your homemade cockpit being build. Its a good and cheaper alternative to the cockpits wich you can buy from professional companys. I just wanted to download some Files, but ive seen that you actually have to pay for it. I know that its hard work to develop everything. The price of 45€ for all blueprints and files seems fair to me. But why dont you write BUY on your webside and in the descrition on YouTube? Because it says download and once you click on it, you need to pay in order to download. Seems you want to make it look like its something like thingverse, were you can download project files for free, but its actually a shop were you can buy the files.

  3. Freddie Dekkers says:

    The link to Download and start The Sketchup-file CPU is not in SketchUp v.16 I got an ERROR to download SketchUP v. 17, and that is jet not possible because of an 64-bit foult in my computer. So i couldn’t open Skup v. 16!

  4. Stephan Buchmann says:

    Hi Michael,
    wonderful site, great videos.
    Should you care about the electronic side of things you´re invited to join our FB group “X-Plane Homecockpit (German and English)”.

    VG aus München

  5. Michael Seltmann says:

    Sehr schöne Seite.
    Sehr schöne Videos.
    Bin auch dabei eine 737 zu bauen.
    Mein Setup: Prosim,Cpflight,.FMC -FDS Sim:Prep3

    Meine Airbase. EDDL
    Gruß Michael

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