The eagle has landed

The eagle has landed

Today I want to share some great news with you.
On the FSWeekend I had the chance to talk to Hanne Koole from ProSim.
We talked a while about the upcoming steps of my tutorial series and how to reduce the fear of people to start such a big project like building a homecockpit. I also could do a flight in their full size A320 simulator. OK, now I know why you can fly this thing with only one stick in your left hand. This was even my first flight in a full size simulator at all.
So beside all these happenings we agreed to a cooperation and ProSim is supporting my channel with a licence of their simulator suite.
Now I have the chance to explain you the integration of my homemade hardware into one of the most used simulation softwares in full size hobby and professional cockpits.

ProSim737 simulates all your aircraft systems by creating images on different monitors or interfacing with your hardware. It comes with drivers for the major hardware brands and a all the configurations are done through a grafical interface. It is compatible with Flightsimulator X and Prepar3D and it comes with its own flight model. A huge amount of informations about the current state of your systems can be seen through a web based instructor station that can be run on any device from your PC up to your tablet. With this station you can also control failures, pushback or the positioning of your aircraft. You prefere the A320? No problem, you can get the ProSimA320 too.

That's only a short summary of the functions of this software. If you want to know more please visit their website for more informations. You can also get a 30 day trial to test it on your own system.


When I connect my first electronic component to the simulator I will show you more about this software in detail on my channel.

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    interesting blog on aircraft push simulator it was very informative one should surely read it

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