Casting your own knobs comming soon

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One of my next videos will be about making knobs for your panels. I decided to 3D print them. But I don't like the quality of the surface finish of those prints. It is OK for prototyping but for the final product there are too many printing structures visible. So I decided to print out one prototype and sand and fill it until it meets my quality requirements.Then I want to make a silicone form from this knob and use a resin to make as many copies as I need.

I was searching for materials I could use for this process and found a company in my country that provides all the components for making the silicone form as well as the resin for the later casting. Troll Factory provides alginates and silicones for different areas of application as well as different casting products like resins, gypsum, metal or soap. You can also get all the accessories for the molding or to make your forms more durable and even ready made forms for your projects.
In my video I hope to show you the production of good looking duplicates and make a test of some different kinds of silicone.

For more informations about the products you can visit the Troll Factory webstore

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  1. jack biedny says:

    Hi Michael i like you Chanel is relay interesting you doing a very good job. I have a question do you have 3d print file for safety switch please.

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