Dome light & Overhead covers

Dome Light & Overhead Covers - A Boeing 737-800 Homecockpit #57

All the sections of the lower and aft overhead that aren't covered with any complex panels should be covered with a plate. These plates I have made from two layers of 3mm HDF board.

In addition I made and installed a working dome ligth with a bright dand dimmed mode. For the lights I used the same LED stripes I used for the backlighting of the panels.

Used materials:

  • 3mm transparent and white acrylic
  • 3mm HDF board
  • 1 big ON-OFF switch
  • 1 big MOM-OFF-MOM switch
  • 4 annunciators
  • LED stripes for backlighting mounted on a HDF plate

In the download package you will find all the drawings to cut out and engrave the covers and the dome light. Please be patient. I haven't includes the engraved plates for the annunciators yet because I am working on a new full download package of them. I want to share them as a dxf file because it is more usable for those of you who aren't using Estlcam as their engraving software.

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2 Responses to Dome light & Overhead covers

  1. Vidar Eggen says:

    I love and admire your work and your youtube videos, but I found an error which you should know about.

    The light at the back of the Forward Overhead panel is NOT the Dome Light!
    Dome Lights are two light sources on top of the left and right fuse panels at the back of the B737 cockpit. They are pointed forwards giving the cockpit general, diffused lighting that is mostly used during ground preparations.

    The light source at the back of the FOH is called the Flood light, as it’s light should FLOOD all of the the Pedestal panels right below it! There should be no diffuser lens in the Flood light opening in the FOH panel, as this would cause the light to spill all around the Pedestal. The shape of the opening takes in account the angle of the OH panel, and is cleverly designed to block any light to spill outside of the Pedestal’s perimeter.
    The Flood Light has a dimmer, controlled by the “Flood” dimmer knob placed at the back of the Pedestal, right beside the control for the Pedestal Panel dimmer.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Mickey says:

      Yes, I realised this after I published the video. I still have the possibility to change the cable connections and will correct this when I build the corresponding part of the pedestal.

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