Building an Overhead dummy

I have build an overhead dummy as a base for some of the next working steps. I want to build a ceiling for the cockpit. But the overhead is sitting inside of this ceiling. So I have to know where I have to leave an opening to install it later. To avoid any surprises (which will come anyway) I decided to make this overhead dummy first, align it to the rest of the cockpit and build the ceiling around it.

To keep the alignment adjustable I designed some hinges. You can download the sketchup files for them and the overhead frame at the bottom of this article.

The panels came from this website. By the way it is also a good collection of boeing knowledge.

To print the plans in full size I used the Big Print program of Matthias Wandel.

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  1. Dieter says:

    Hej pls let me know where i can get this overhead dummy picture

    thanks a lot from sweden

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