Building the Solidis CNC – Assembly

Now I started building the portal and finally I could assemble all the parts. Take your time to ensure that all the components are aligned correctly and orientated to each other. A misalignment could affect the accuracy of the CNC. Use a flat surface for this. I changed the dimensions of the terminal box to fit it to my components.

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3 Responses to Building the Solidis CNC – Assembly

  1. Stefan de Brie says:

    Hello Michael.

    One question. You have extended the working table, but did you also moved the portal to reach the complete working area?

    Greatings Stefan de Brie

    • Mickey says:

      Yes of course, to come out with 20 cm more space in the Y direction I had to extend the Y-axis by 40 cm and move the portal 20 cm to the middle of the axis.

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