Building glarewing annunciators

Today the first selfmade electronic components were installed into the cockpit. I made two sets of annunciators (master caution and fire warning) as well as the recall annunciators. In the linked package you will find everything you need to print out your own annunciators and cut out and engrave the needed signs. I used PLA for 3D printing and the signs were cut out from 3mm acrylic (red, yellow and transparent). I think the transparent one isnt the best for this job so you should try to find a translucent one.

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7 Responses to Building glarewing annunciators

  1. Fodor Zoltán says:

    Hi Mike,

    You use two types of paint to paint the letters. My English is not something bright, so I don’t understand what you used for that purpose. What do you use to paint engraved letters so perfectly?

  2. Josef Zammit says:

    Hi Mike,

    A quick question about the .e10 file format (the Capt /FO ENGRAVE)
    Would it be possible to have them in another format like .dxf. The reason is that since I dont have a CNC Machine I would need to order these and companies dont accept .e10 formats.

  3. Josef Zammit says:

    Thanks Mike

  4. Josef Zammit says:

    Hi Mike,

    How do you open .e10 files?


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