Overhead Annunciators

Overhead annunciators - A Boeing 737-800 Homecockpit #37

After some weeks of 3D printing, cutting, engraving, soldering and painting nearly 100 annunciators are finished. These will be needed in die lower overhead. I printed the boxes in two pieces and to avoid support structures, but there are also people printing this in one piece. Just try out what works the best for you. In the download package you will find the seperated parts as well as a complete model.

Keep in mind that you have to make the engraving deeper if you want to fill it with wax. 0.4 mm worked fine for me.

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5 Responses to Overhead Annunciators

  1. Michele says:

    Dear Mike, I watch your videos ever, simply are fantastic! I have a question for the Cnc machine. What drill you use for engraving the text on the plexiglass? Is it possibile send me the name the drill or a link internet where from buy ? Thanks for the support.
    Best regards.

  2. MAURO GALLINA says:

    Hi Mickey, i don’t understand what material you use to fill the engraved text of blue annunciator, the white paste.

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