Flight and Navigation Panel

I finished the first two sections of my overhead panel which are the flight and navigation panel. All three layers where made from 3mm acrylic. I used clear and white translucent acrylic. All the switches and covers where bought from aliexpress. I used the big swithces because you will get a better switch feeling with them. To find LED stripes for backlighting just search for 12 v 5050 LED stripes. I used some with warm white light. The stripes were mounted onto a 3mm white covered MDF plate.

To paint the parts I used water based polyurethane acrylic lacker and valejo model air color RAL 7011. But you have to be careful. Even if these both colors have the same RAL code, the finished results look definitely different from each other. The switch caps were painted with RAL 9001.

It was difficult to find a big 8 position rotary switch. So I used a small one. It seems to work out fine.

In the package you will find the dxf files to cut out and engrave all the anels as well as the 3D print files for the two switch caps.

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  1. Tíbor Horvath says:

    Hello verry nice word. Bút in iour rext is kissing the “p” in “all the anels” 🙂 end thanks for download solution.

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