Connecting the Flight control and Navigation panel

Connecting the Flight- and Navigation panel to Prosim - A Boeing 737-800 Homecockpit #40

After a big cable session the both panels are connected to the arduino. At the moment they are soldered directly to a schield on the arduino mega but in the future the connection should be made via a plug so I can remove them easily from the overhead frame in case of any maintenance operations. To document my settings I have made an excel sheet where I write down all the needed informations for Prosim and MobiFlight. You can download the sheet on this site and use it as a guide for your own panels.

If you get any errors you should check your setup for the most common mistakes:

  • MobiFlight isn't in Run mode
  • Output or input not activated in MobiFlight
  • Bad soldering connection
  • Cable connected to the wrong pin or device
  • Wrong bit masked in MobiFlight
  • Wrong offset used
  • Wrong Pin designed in MobifFight
  • Wrong offset or mask assigned in Prosim
  • The same offset and mask is used multiple times in Prosim

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  1. ayaz says:

    michel ben bu planlardan istıyorum ama turkıyede yasadıgım için ödeme sıkıntısı var
    yardım edersen sevınırım tesekkurler

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