Single needle gauge – Fuel Temperature

Single needle gauge - A Boeing 737-800 Homecockpit #45

Finally something is moving in the cockpit. It's just a small needle but it's the first step to bring my overhead panel into motion. In this video I will show you how you candesign and build a single needle gauge. Those gauges have to be installed at different places in your cockpit. Other gauges need to have two needles but this will be covered in a different video too.

You can see that the upper plate of the gauge is installed with only two screws to the hex standoffs. This is done to have the two other holes free to use them to fix the gauge to the fuel panel. By doing it like this the gauge still stays as a unit when I have to unmount it from the panel.

To drive this gauge I used the cheapest motor I could find. This was my first experience with servo motors so I didn't want to waste too much money if anything went wrong. And I think this is a gauge that moves a little bit from time to time so the internal plastic gears of the motor can handle this. If the motor has to deal with mor forces than a better one with internal metal gears could be a better decision.

Materials used:

  • 3mm white and transparent acrylic
  • 4 female hex standoffs
  • 4 male hex standoffs
  • 4mm acrylic rod
  • LED stripes for backlighting
  • Servo motor SG 90

In the download package you will find the dxf-files for all the gauge layers, the two gears and the needle.

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  1. Randy Shuya says:

    Good day,
    Where is the program you used to centre the servos please.
    Thank you,

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