Bus panel

Bus Panel - A Boeing 737-800 Homecockpit #46

The bus panel is really straight forward and can be a good first panel if you are making your first steps to your own overhead panel. You only will have to build some annunciators first.


  • 3 annunciators
  • 1 big ON-OFF-ON switch
  • 2 big ON-OFF switches
  • 1 black switch guard
  • 2 red switch guards
  • 3 15mm hex standoffs
  • LED stripes for the backlighting

In the download package you'll find the DXF-file for cutting out all the layers of the panel and to do the engraving. I have also updated my connection sheet in the download section if you want to look up which offsets I have used.

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  1. Michele says:

    Hi Mike, can you tell me the connection cable size? I bought a 28 awg but it’s too thin, I also tried the 30 awg and they are very thin. Can you advise me which cable to use? Thank you.
    Best regards,

  2. Peter Klein says:


    I’m just starting out with my own cockpit project, and have found your videos very informative.

    Can you let me know about the engraving for this Bus Panel? I’m using ESTLCAM, 30deg bit at 0.2mm depth. When I select the text for engraving, I get an outline of the letters, and not ‘carved’ out. Do I need to recreate the text as you have done in the EFIS video?

    This is my first panel, and I’m fairly new to CNC.



    • Mickey says:

      No, you can use the text that comes with the DXF file. For all single line letters like “S” or “N” you use the “Hole” tool and select “Pocket”. For all letters with inner sections like “D” or “O” select “Hole” for the outside lines and “Part” for the inside lines. Then select the outside lines and choose “Island”.

  3. Hello there hope you are doing fantastic, I am building my own homemade cockpit and i would like to become a member here, so far i must say that you do a wonderful work, and i like it a lot, i you have just change the ideas of how i have to build my cockpit.

    Hope to hear from you
    Best Regards

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