Hydraulic Panel

Hydraulic Panel - A Boeing 737-800 Homecockpit #44

Here is my new hydraulic panel. I don't know exactly if both sections belong together because the bottom panel just holds annunciators for all the doors in the Boeing 737 but I have bilt them now together in one construction step.

Both sections are really easy to make but there is one challenging part and this is the top black and white panel. There are ways to make this with careful settings on a laser engraver. With this method the upper white coat of lacker is removed and the underlaying black coat becomes visible. But something liek this isn't possible for me on my cnc. So I cam eout with another solution where I insert black wax into a deeper engraving around the letters. I will explain this method in detail in the video.

Used Material:

In the download package you'll find the DXF files make cut out pathes for your cnc or laser cutter.

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