IRS Panel

Making an IRS Panel - A Boeing 737-800 Homecockpit #63

It was a long way to this finished IRS panel. Mostly because I had to think about how to show up all these numbers and characters at the top as well as the making process of the backlighted keypad. I made another try to produce a pcb at home and finally it worked! Not the complicated double sided one from my first test but a single sided one. And there is still some air for some improvements.

The backlighted buttons came out nice too. 3D resin prints on top of a push button with built in LED. Unfortunately not the same color of backlighting like all the other panels but it is a good start.

Again the panel was designed using Fusion 360 which helped me a lot to see if all the components fitted together.

Used materials:

The following file contains all the needed files to cut out and engrave your own panel as well as the 3D print file for the push buttons and the Sys Dspl and Dspl Select knob as well as the gerber files to produce your own pcb.

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  1. Randy Shuya says:

    What tactile switches did you use and what resistors. There is no mention of this in the video or the parts list.
    Thank you,

    • Mickey says:

      I used 6×6 mm tactile buttons with white LEDs. I searched for them on Aliexpress. In my case I haven’t used resistors. The LEDs are made for 3V. So when I solder always four of them in a row then the 12 V from the power supply don’t kill them.

      • Randy Shuya says:

        Awesome thanks. I have some 6×6 so that’s great. I do see spots on the board for 3 resistors that is why I asked about that.

      • Randy Shuya says:

        Are the buttons run in series or parallel. I see three spots on the bottom of the button Board for resistors so you must have used some. What value please.

        • Mickey says:

          You are right, I already forgot this. I have used resistors to be able to come out with a little bit lower light level. I used three 100 ohm resistors. Always four lights are in a row.

  2. Martin Styles says:

    Really helpful build video, thank you. Would you be able to provide the offsets configurations for the TKGS and WIND display please. Also how did you configure the HDGSTS position display and get the alignment time?

  3. Mike Swift says:

    Hello Mickey
    Fabulous video and instructions as always.
    I’m having trouble finding the 12 position rotary switches, can you point me to a supplier please?

    PS Sorry but sent this incorrectly to the Stall Warning comments


    Hello good day
    Have a question about the gray paint you paint the overhead panels: The paint is matte or gloss.

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