Dual Rotary Encoder

Making a dual rotary encoder - A Boeing 737-800 Homecockpit #64

The dual rotary encoder is a type of knob that is used on several places in the Boeing 737-800 cockpit. Especially on the pedestal where eight of them are needed. You can buy them professionally produced, but for a price from 8 up to 25 dollars.

It was never a question that I want to make a creation by myself. And here it is. A really easy to make version of a dual rotary encoder - already with push button functionality (If you use a rotary encoder with built in push button).

I have cut out the needed gears on my laserbut you can try to 3D print them as well. The needed files are included.

Needed materials:

  • 3mm acrylic
  • 4mm acrylic rod
  • 6mm aluminum tube
  • 2 rotary encoders example

The download package contains all the 3D print files that you need as well as the dxf files for the gears and a PDF with measurements to include the encoder into your panels.

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1 Response to Dual Rotary Encoder

  1. Aslanbek Aliev says:

    can yo explan please why encoder with push button needed? what functionality push button will do?
    The rotary encoder : will it rotate only one turn or it hasnt got a stoper?

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