Door, Stab Trim & Lights Panels

Flightdeck Door & Lights Panel - A Boeing 737-800 Homecockpit #67

The two first panels for the pedestal are finished and came out exactly like they should be after the design in Fusion 360. I become faster in designing the parts in 3D and it helps me a lot to become aware of possible problems during the assembly.

These panels are also good candidates when you are new to building panels. Just some inexpensive components and a straight forward build process.

This time I installed the blank plates at the start of the new project. This makes the pedestal much more populated and is also a good motivation to continue and build the next sections.

Used materials:

  • 3mm transparent and white acrylic
  • 1 12 position rotary switch
  • 2 potentiometers and dimmers
  • 1 big ON - OFF switch
  • 4 15 mm hex stand offs
  • 1 black switch guard
  • LED stripes for backlighting mounted on a HDF plate
  • 3mm HDF plate
  • 2 orrange annunciators

In the download files you will find all the needed files to cut out and engrave your own panel as well as the 3D files for the knobs.

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