Pedestal Base V2

Pedestal Base - A Boeing 737-800 Homecockpit #66

Finally I have painted my pedestal! OK, not the one I have build many years ago, but a new version of it. But why did I design a new version?

When I started building the frame for my overhead panel I also developed a methode to fix my different panel segments to it. This methode means a lot of holes that had to be drilled into the frame on exact positions. This would have meant a lot of refactoring work on my pedestal box and would have been even more difficult in an assembled state.

So I decided to build a new one and took the chance to correct some of the measurements. Now I hope I have a solid base that is prepared to welcome the upcoming penal segments.

To keep the maintenance easy I added a removeable side that is hold in place with magnets.

In the download package you will find the DXF-file to cut out the parts on your laser or your cnc router or if you have to use other tools you will find a set of drawings with measurements included. You will also find the 3D print files for the dummy knobs, the handle and the drilling jig.

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