Cargo Fire Panel

Cargo Fire Panel - A Boeing 737-800 Homecockpit #72

Beside the redesign of the three korry buttons there shouldn't be anything unknown for you. The components are just some buttons and LEDs. The main design of the korry buttons was reused from the crew oxygen panel. The only difference is that the button don't cover the outside box but sits completely inside of it.

I wasn't able to test the full functionality of the panel until now because it wasn't possible for me to throw a cargo fire failure in prosim. I hope I can work this out in the future.

Used materials:

  • 3mm transparent and white acrylic
  • 2 8 position rotary switch
  • 1 black push button
  • 3 12x12x15 mm tactile buttons
  • 2 5 mm green LEDs
  • 3 white LEDs
  • 2 red LEDs
  • 1 orange LED
  • 1 orange annunciator
  • 2 knobs (see the IRS panel)
  • 3 15 mm hex stand offs
  • LED stripes for backlighting mounted on a HDF plate
  • 3mm HDF plate

In the download file you will find all the needed files to cut out and engrave your own panel as well as the 3D files for the buttons.

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2 Responses to Cargo Fire Panel

  1. dennis lander says:

    hello mickey

    the 8 position rotary switch what you used have not a ring with a thoot to lock the switch for 3 positions . is that correct .
    So you can rotery the swich more than 3 time,s


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