Rudder Trim Panel

Rudder Trim Panel - A Boeing 737-800 Homecockpit #74

Finally this panel is finished! Only three switches and a motor - but such a complex design. The self centering rotary switch took me many iterations until it worked as I wanted it to work. And I have learned again a lot obout servo motors and their configuration in MobiFlight. So be prepared for an exciting journey through this development process.

Used materials:

  • 3 mm transparent and white acrylic
  • 2 big momentary (ON) - OFF (ON) switch
  • packaging belt
  • 1 12 position rotary switch
  • 2 5 x 15 mm springs
  • 1 servo motor DM996
  • 5 30 mm hex stand offs
  • 3 15 mm hex stand offs
  • LED stripes for backlighting mounted on a HDF plate
  • 3 mm HDF plate
  • 2 mm metal shaft

In the download file you will find all the needed files to cut out and engrave your own panel as well as the 3D files for the knob and all other needed printed parts.

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11 Responses to Rudder Trim Panel

  1. Kacper Nowotynski says:

    Yeah, I believe I have been able to figure out the issues so far! Thanks (don’t skip over the video is the lesson learned) Sorry to bug you.

  2. Kacper Nowotynski says:

    Hi Mickey, also having a problem where I don’t see the little panel that the rotary switch is assembled on. the triangular panel.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  3. Kacper Nowotynski says:

    hello, I am unable to locate a DM 996 servo, Will a MG995 or a MG996/r work as an alternative?

  4. Kacper Nowotynski says:

    HI Mickey, question on this panel, looking at the DXF file, it shows the Rudder trim amount indicator as 1 piece but on your video is 2 pieces, the left and right labeling are seperate from the numbers. Is the DXF file correct? Thank you! I am about to get all this laser cut and would prefer to have it done correctly the first time.

    • Mickey says:

      Yes, this is correct. I’m talking about this design change at 25:00 in the video. I have redesigned the needle so that it fits through the gap of the one piece version now.

      • Kacper Nowotynski says:

        I was watching the video a few without sound just to get an idea of the build. Thanks again for your response.

  5. Frans says:

    Great panel again,
    Bring you some panels also to the FSweekend?

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