Closing the sidewall

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500 subscribers

A next big step has been taken. My channel has reached the mark of 500 subscribers. Thanks to all of you who are interestet in the content I create. I know you have to wait long for every upcoming video. But I promise, I won’t give up and I will bring you a lot of interesting material in the future. So it’s time for me to get back to work and on my way to the 1000 :-).

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Quarter-Sill Lining

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Chartholder and Armrest

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Window frame installation

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New Window frame finished

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New window frame is coming

Hello to everyone!

I want to let you know what I’ve done for the last weeks. First I tried to install my window frame to the cockpit. But it turned out that it was not only very difficult to orient. I had also many problems to find a solution to keep it at its final position.

So I decided to make a new design with three specifications. A flat top structure to give good support for the ceiling that will come some day and horizontal bottom linings to make it easier to design posts for holding the whole thing. Also it had to be splitable into three parts. Believe me, creating this thing was my most challenging sketchup work I’ve done so far.

So I will start the build process now and hope to come out with a new video soon.

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100 Subscribers

My first 100 subscribers!

Thanks to all of you who want to stay informed about my upcoming videos. I will give my best to give you new content soon. At the moment I’m working on a rebuild of my cockpit window frame. I hope it will be easier to install to the cockpit.

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Glareshield Installation

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